Masada from the bottom of the Roman rampNew Year’s Day 2014 was partially spent climbing Masada, an ancient fortress in the Judaean desert.
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Naot Goat FarmThe Naot Farm (warning, sound) in the Negev desert has many goats and some sheep, and makes lots of goat dairy products. Visiting and tasting some goat cheese was one of my unexpectedly favorite parts of the trip. I think goats are pretty cool.
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Bedouin CamelNo trip to Israel is complete without riding some camels at a “Bedouin hospitality village” in the Negev.
Bedouin Camel Ride

Ilan Ramon PatchThe Ramon Crater in the Negev is named for Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, a former IAF fighter pilot who died during the Columbia shuttle reentry disaster in 2003. The crater is notable because it resulted not from impact from a meteor, but occurred naturally. Read the rest of this entry »

Beit Alpha SlideBeit Alpha is a kibbutz near the West Bank and Mt Gilboa. Growing up on a kibbutz is somewhat unconventional, as the playgrounds are often formed from everyday objects that would give many American parents heart palpitations.
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