Masada from the bottom of the Roman rampNew Year’s Day 2014 was partially spent climbing Masada, an ancient fortress in the Judaean desert.

Side of MasadaCalling this part the “Roman ramp” is a bit of a misnomer. “Ramp” usually implies something vaguely wheelchair-accessible, but this involved many stairs.

Masada from the topOnce at the top of Masada, you could look out at the Judaean desert and the Dead Sea. Also, Jordan.

Masada Plant

Masada Israeli FlagAside from its age, Masada was like a regular museum with placards with information about the various parts of the sites.

Masada MikvahThis was an ancient mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath. The blue lines across the site marked how far it had been excavated, in which everything below the line had been initially hidden.

Masada Roman ColumnsThese columns were from the Northern Palace, largely reconstructed.

Masada Snake PathWe took the Snake Path down, which consisted of treacherous stairs full of rocks. You can see that there were also cable cars available in case you didn’t want to hike back down.


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