Angsty teens became terrorists

An internet meme and another wannabe Jihadist (seen here cuddling with Princess Tuna) were arrested for whatever it is that terrorists get arrested for at JFK International Airport a couple weeks ago. Their hot summer destination was very hot: reportedly, Somalia by way of Egypt. They figured they could just fall-in with the local terrorist crew after extensive paintball training. It is pertinent to note that both have been described as “stupid.”

From New York Times:

[His mother] said Mohamed attended the local public elementary school, two Catholic grade schools, a boarding school in Connecticut, a school for troubled youth, three Muslim schools and two public high schools, repeatedly getting into trouble for fighting or mouthing off.

At the two public high schools, North Bergen and KAS Prep, Mr. Alessa made an escalating series of threats against students and staff members through 2005 and 2006, saying that he would blow up the school, mutilate gays and punish women who were not subordinate to men, according to officials granted anonymity to discuss confidential matters. Both schools alerted the Department of Homeland Security.

Carlos Almonte’s past is also, for lack of a better word, troubled:

Mr. Almonte’s conversion, his compulsion to proselytize, and his friendship with Mr. Alessa all alienated his family, though he continued to live with them. The friction culminated in their living room on May 23, 2009, when, according to a police report, Mr. Almonte began preaching about Islam to his younger brother, Elvin, who demurred, and “Carlos became angry and they both began fighting.”

Their mother tried to separate them and Elvin bit her arm, thinking it was his brother’s. Carlos then struck Elvin in the back of the head with a picture frame.

  1. Mahla’s avatar

    This makes me think of Columbine. If you remember the Nazi angle, with Eric and Dylan giving the SS salute at a local bowling alley, even though one of them was of Jewish heritage and related to a Nazi hunter …. Disaffected youth will always be attracted to the rhetoric of hate I think.


    1. Julie’s avatar

      Me too. There was also a more recent school shooting in Minnesota during 2005, on a reservation. The kid was also into the whole Hitler thing, strangely. I think there’s an attraction to some sort of ideological elitism over others, which then can get manifest as the ultimate power/control over others by killing/maiming them.



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