Dead at the Scene: 5301 Chicago Ave S

Police Tape

Today, I woke up and read this:

A man was found shot to death at 2 a.m. today when police responded to reports of a shooting in the 5300 block of Chicago Ave. S. The man was found in a stairwell, and was dead at the scene, police said. The man’s identity has not yet been released. No one is in custody and police are asking that anyone with information on the shooting call the Minneapolis Police Department tip line at 612-692-tips (8477).

Living two blocks away, I naturally grab my camera and go down to see what happened. I hadn’t heard anything during the early morning hours, certainly not a gunshot.

KSTP interview

KSTP interviewing the man who lives kitty-corner from the apartment complex the shooting happen.


WCCO filming the front of the apartment complex, which boast an available 1BR for rent. I wonder if there is a “dead man in stairwell” discount.

I decide to go around the back of the apartment building, where the dead man was found in the stairwell.

5301 tape

Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary–no puddles of blood, police, or really anyone around.  I noticed a ripped piece of police caution tape in the parking lot and went to the back door. As I got closer, I realized that the window and doorknob had been dusted for fingerprints.

5301 back door window 5301 doorknob

Crime is very rare in this neighborhood, although it happens. Much has been made of Minneapolis’s low homicide rate this year. This is the city’s 8th homicide.

Edit @ 10:21PM: The man has been identified as Paul Fisher.


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