Humor in the Recount

It is like an all-star lineup of weirdness in the MN Senate recount, going beyond “my grandma voted for Jesse Ventura” weirdness: Lizard People and the Flying Spaghetti Monster joined write-in favorites Mickey Mouse and Jesus.

The other day, there was concern over whether Lizard People could be someone’s name, as Franken’s lawyer contended that since Lizard People was not a real person, it shouldn’t count as an overvote. Coleman’s lawyer helpfully suggested “Beaver” and “Chopper” as unusual nicknames some people have. It eventually was counted as an overvote. (Donovan has more on Mpls Metblog about why that was a dumb position to take and why Franken needs a new lawyer.)

Local news crew The UpTake has been grinding away and providing non-stop recount coverage, and it’s been paying off, with record-breaking traffic to their site. Their hard work was also spotted on CNN, with regards to their coverage of MN Senate recount comedy ballots.


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